The Filmmakers

Journalist Patricia W. Elliott has been covering Burma for twenty years as a freelance magazine writer. Her interest in Burma began while working as a news reporter for the Bangkok Post in 1989/90. Her articles in Saturday Night, Canadian Living and other publications have been honoured numerous times by the Canadian Association of Journalists Awards and the National Magazine Awards. She is the author of The White Umbrella: A Woman’s Struggle for Freedom in Burma (Friends Books, 2006) and is currently an assistant professor at the School of Journalism, University of Regina, specializing in long form documentary non-fiction. Her years of work in Southeast Asia and Burma provide a rare inside track to the people who make up Burma’s underground press corp.

Filmmaker Susan Risk founded her company Live Wire Video Productions Inc. in 1988 and has produced a variety of documentaries exploring social and environmental issues both in Canada and internationally. Traveling half-way around the world, she chronicled the co-operative efforts between Canada and China to preserve the threatened grasslands of Inner Mongolia in a project that partnered with the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). Her other documentaries have tackled issues such as elder care, escaping domestic abuse, women working in the male-dominated building trades, pioneering women on the Saskatchewan parklands and a more lighthearted music video featuring Noelle Hall and the Stinky Sneaker Band.